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Phone Was Good But Fingerprint sensor was not working properly. I've been using the phone for 10 days now and performance is good The phone looks extremely premium though a bit heavy, would recommend if you are not a PUBG fan and looking for bezel less display by a premium company. After all it's Samsung and way reliable than Chinese competitors.

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Report Abuse. Q: Does this phone support Hindi language? A: Yes, it supports Hindi language. It also supports 14 different regional languages.

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A: The phone does not have a dedicated micro SD card slot. Q: phone have slow motion video or not? Q: i need to know the battery standard is it better than a80? I love it. Then Battery performance is Better Q: Does this phone have finger print sensor? A: Yes, the phone sports a on screen finger print sensor. The fingerprint sensor is also integrated into the display and scans optically, but don't get too excited about that As on all other new Galaxy-A smartphones, the software is the current Android version 9.

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You can do some small tasks with one hand, but it's always a stretch. There a couple of disappointments on the software side, however. The in-display fingerprint sensor is one of the most frustrating I have ever used.

Recognition was so poor that I was avoiding unlocking the phone for quick tasks if I could help it. Things improved slightly when I registered the same fingerprint multiple times, but it was still poor compared to the Oppo Reno 10x I was also using at the same time. The most frustrating experience happens when you try and fail to unlock the phone with your fingerprint several times in a row, and a second timeout kicks in before you can have another try. This feels like the ultimate kick in the teeth.

There's no facial recognition here due to the way the camera mechanism works, so my guess is that most A80 owners will be back on PINs, patterns or passwords. As with most Samsung smartphones, you cannot delete the pre-installed Facebook app.

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This is not news, of course, but I will keep highlighting it as a negative until someone at Samsung lets me delete the bloody thing. There is a little surprise under the hood of the Galaxy A The reason? For what the Korean manufacturer wants to offer with the model, the Qualcomm chip was best suited. As the flagship of the mid-range series, the Galaxy smartphone was supposed to deliver superior performance.

It seems the right Exynos does not really exist for this. The result, however, is a little bit disappointing. Performance is fine for everyday tasks, but I started to experience slow down when I tried to push it too hard or did a lot of multi-tasking.

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This is not a Snapdragon , and it often feels as though the processor is never really making the most of that 8GB of RAM. Would the performance be any worse with, say, 4GB? I'm not so sure. Still, 8GB looks better on the box, I guess. As you can see in the benchmark table below, the Samsung Galaxy A80 struggles to keep up with its bigger S-series brothers - remember that S10e is only twenty quid more than the A80 - but the A80 is significantly more powerful than the Galaxy A Again, it is clear that power is not a selling point for this phone, it's all about that camera and display.

The Galaxy A80 lacks any trace of a notch or hole punch in the display. Instead, Samsung has come up with a special trick for the camera. The result is a retractable camera module that can also rotate. If you activate the camera app, the module moves out like the slider of the Find X and the oval, elongated camera module rotates degrees on the horizontal axis.

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Thus the main camera also serves as a selfie camera. This opens up numerous possibilities for photographing, no matter in which direction. Wide-angle shots are just as possible as group selfies and portraits work excellently thanks to the ToF camera Time of Flight. The camera also helps with depth detection in augmented reality apps. A bit of AI also plays a part in the camera app and offers scene recognition, for example, as in the current high-end models. Shots were, on the whole, rather good.

The ToF is particularly well-utilized. A new Live Focus mode lets you create a bokeh effect around your subject in real-time, and it also works when shooting video. It will come in three colors: Black, gold, or white. The white and the gold are gradient-style finishes, showing different colors depending on the light and reflection.

Samsung originally said it would release the Galaxy A80 at the end of May; but the release date has shifted to July. Exact locations are unknown, but a U. The best Samsung Galaxy deals for March 2 days ago. Google has made its own camera app for the cheapest Android phones you can buy 1 day ago. Got young kids?