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LG G8 ThinQ review: Gimmicks with a capital 'G'

Two of the most interesting features are Hand ID and Air Motion, which allow you to unlock and control your smartphone without touching it. They will prove to be helpful when your hands are dirty or you find yourself multi-tasking. Both features are powered by the ToF time-of-flight camera and the infrared sensor located in the front of the device. In unison these sensors have the ability to read your blood.

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More specifically, they can map out the veins in your hand. In Hand ID, this makes for a very secure way of unlocking your smartphone.

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We all have unique hand vein patterns and it is claimed that this method is nearly impossible to spoof or fake. Of course, being able to recognize vein patterns in the hand also helps the LG G8 ThinQ capture movement, which allows for Air Motion gestures. Hand ID is simply another form of biometric authentication for your smartphone. Simply head over to the settings, activate the feature and register your hand. After this you will be able to unlock your device by simply floating your palm over it.

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Diving further into this, I have a smaller but still annoying complaint. Once you go to save the screenshot, it also saves as a copy, leaving you with a duplicate. Over time, things have gotten slowly worse as Android as a whole has been getting better. Instead, they developed AirMotion. This feature takes a scan of your hand and tracks its movements to do things like adjust volume or control playback. The pitch is to use this when your hands are dirty, which is a good idea, but the implementation is too horrible to make that worthwhile.

You have to perfectly place your hand to get this sort of thing working, and even then, it takes so much longer to get the feature working. In the case of your hands being dirty, it would be quicker to wash and dry them and then complete the action versus using AirMotion.

How to use Hand ID

This phone is as slippery as an ice cube and seems like it just wants to fall off of anything. Could it be the admittedly nice lack of a camera bump? Is LG using a different coating? Is it something to do with the shape?

The US model I tested has two cameras, which seems like an odd choice when Samsung is adopting three. Regardless, the cameras here are middling at best. The main 16MP shooter takes respectable shots, and the ultrawide is fine as well. My wife has a Samsung S9.

I like mine better for a number of reasons. The camera is sharper and the settings are easily adjustable. I cannot say how often I've used the 2nd wide-angle camera lens feature. The fingerprint sensor on the back allows me to un read more. I love the phone, the camera is excellent, the sound is amazing for video. My only real grip is why no grip at all on the entire phone.

I sat it down on a shelf and it slowly wiggled it's own way off to hit the floor. The back is so smooth a fly landed on it and slipped. Would be more of an issue if read more. This phone is a nice upgrade from the Kyocera. Apps run quickly, music sounds good, best when played on blue tooth devices.

LG G8 ThinQ Real-World Camera & Battery Test

Battery life could be better. Recommend having a case for the phone, without the back of the phone is slick. Finger print button takes a little getting used to would be bette read more. Pros: Premium design, easy to handle, great display, speedy performance, good battery life, responsive touch screen cons: lg needs to update their skin looks like android from 4 years ago , cameras quality so so, back fingerprint reader badly placed better to put it on side of phone in my o read more.

I've had LG phones my whole life and have loved them so I was excited for this phone. However, like four months after getting the phone with standard use, it started glitching pretty bad. I have a constant error on my google play store app uploads so if I need to update an app I have to specifically read more. Yes 9. I've been a loyal LG user for years. This phone is great just like the rest. I miss the removable battery and the remote function, but other than that it's pretty neat. I like the animoji thing, the camera make me feel fabulous, I really have no issues other than features that I miss.

The unlocking read more. And good luck loading a web page. Had a cheap Samsung J7 before this and never had such problems.

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The phone itself is okay. Facial and fingerprint recognition work really well. The biggest negative is that you will be lucky if the battery lasts for 12 hours. What good is a phone if it has no power?

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I returned two of these under Verizon's 14 day satisfaction guarantee and both had weak batter read more. Frequently asked questions Ask a question. Newest Questions. Answer this question. Jessica, Yes, this device does have Fingerprint lock options included in the features. Was this answer helpful? Yes 1.