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When Location is on Apps can get your phone's location to give you location-based info or services. Learn how to change app location settings.

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Google Location Services can collect data to improve location-based services. Learn about Google Location Services. You can get search results and ads based on your phone's location. You can see where your phone is if you lose it. Learn about Find My Device. You can share your phone's location with others. Learn about Location Sharing with Google Maps and sending location in emergencies.

You can see and manage them later. Learn about Location History. Features that use location may not work properly. You can get search results and ads based on your IP address. Turn I mprove Location Accuracy on or off. Tap Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning. Turn Wi-Fi scanning or Bluetooth scanning on or off.

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To help first responders find you quickly, dial an emergency number. Have a read of our full Michael Kors Access Lexington 2 smartwatch review to read our full testing. Check price on Amazon.

How to Find a Lost Phone using email/IMEI number easily - Even if it's switched off

There's a punchy 1. There's also heart rate and GPS, although this isn't the ideal watch for runs or the gym. There's now 8GB of external storage to free up more space for storing music and apps. There's also additional blue-tone, pink-tone and blush-tone if you're looking for something in a bolder, more manly shade. All come with interchangeable 22mm straps with extra buckles to adjust fit. It's also water resistant up to 30 metres, though it's not the kind of watch you'd actually want to take for a dip.

There's certainly nothing subtle about the Bradshaw 2, but with more masculine looks and that big, brash design there's still something quite appealing about the feature-packed smartwatch. Wear OS is getting pretty dated now and is not recommended for those who value features such as top notch health, wellness data and sports tracking.

Here are our pick of devices that work brilliantly with Android smartphones - but don't use Wear OS. The latest smartwatch from Samsung is also its best. A perfect fit for both men and women, thanks to its 40mm and 44mm case sizes, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is also our top pick for Android smartphone owners. No matter which you pick of the Active's two variants, you get a crisp display surrounded by a touch sensitive bezel - something that helps you navigate the screen without touching the screen.

Huawei Band 3 Pro vs Honor Band 5: which fitness tracker is best for you?

Instead of running on the equivalent of Android, this smartwatch instead runs on the same software as the rest of Samsung's other wearable devices - Tizen. Don't be put off by the unfamiliarity, though, this is an excellent operating system that's able to host tons of functionality: GPS tracking for workouts, heart rate monitoring, notification support, sleep reports, offline Spotify playback and much more.

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Even better? That list is set to grow, with blood pressure monitoring, ECG readings and fall detection coming to the smartwatch in Battery life is a so-so 48 hours, but this is still double the Apple Watch with much of the same functionality. Read our full Samsung Galaxy Watch Active review. Half the price of the latest Apple Watch, the latest Fitbit smartwatch is a fitness and health tracking focused beast living inside a small and light package. The Versa 2 doesn't offer the same heavyweight features of more expensive watches, such as GPS tracking or an army of third-party apps, but the trade-off includes six-day battery life, Alexa support and the best sleep tracking in the business.

This is all powered by the wonderfully intuitive Fitbit app, where you can pore over the stats your Fitbit collects throughout the day and night - including Sleep Score , Female Health Tracking , resting heart rate, calories burned, workouts and more. Like the Samsung detailed above, it's also set to improve in the near future: the SpO2 sensor is set to track more advanced biometrics, while updates will bring more always-on watch faces to pick from and improvements to the watch's heart and sleep tracking algorithms.

Read our full Fitbit Versa 2 review. It may not be the newest Samsung watch, but the company's flagship is still one of the top devices Android handset owners can buy. Similar to the more sporty-looking Galaxy Watch Active 2, there's also two case sizes available with the regular Galaxy Watch - however, they're slightly bigger, registering at 42mm and 46mm.

Make no mistake, though - this is the most smartwatch-like device of Samsung's current pack.

Manage your Android device’s location settings - Android Help

And though that Tizen experience doesn't quite provide the same app support as the Apple Watch and Wear OS, it does boast one killer entry - a Spotify app that actually lets you download offline playlists. Read our full Samsung Galaxy Watch review. The Huawei Watch GT 2 builds on the impressive debut of Lite OS and introduces smaller sizes, a speaker and phone call functionality to make it more of a smartwatch.

Not only is this a great device for Android users, but it's also the ideal choice for those who don't want to charge their smartwatch that often; Huawei's latest device boasts two-week battery life. Despite this, it still packs in plenty of big features, such as an always-on display, GPS location tracking, heart rate monitoring, sleep reports, storage for music support and more. Looking forward, 5G handsets — and to be more precise, affordable 5G handsets — will need to be the big catalyst in to avoid three consecutive years of decline.

Apple shipped The iPhone 11 series did well particularly in developed regions like the U. According to Apple, the iPhone 11 was the top-selling model every week during December and the three new models were the top three models throughout the quarter. The strong demand for the 11, combined with healthy trade-in promotions and financing plans, made the new device more accessible to a wider variety of consumers than ever before.

Looking forward, rumors of a "SE" follow-up device could have Apple earning even more share in emerging markets if the price hits a sweet spot with budget-minded buyers. Samsung has tended to peak in the third quarter, so being overtaken by Apple in the fourth quarter was not unexpected.

10 Best Android GPS Tracking Apps to track Android Devices

The A series continued to perform well although Samsung's shipment trend slowed with fewer launches and a slowdown in domestic 5G devices, which will take time to pick up internationally. The arrival of the latest Galaxy S series along with a new foldable next month should give the Korean giant a late 1Q20 push. Moreover, IDC expects the more affordable A series to also see some 5G versions at a much lower price point compared to both the S and Note series.

Huawei having filled inventories in the third quarter delivered the expected fourth quarter decline. The company is still facing heavy inventories to clear in China and the pricing of its Mate 30 series has also been a limiting factor. Nevertheless, domestic channel players are still willing to work with Huawei as it could provide a better brand value locally than its key competitors. As a result, Huawei was still able to keep pushing new stock to channels, helped by the financing support incentives to the channel players.

Outside of China however, Huawei continued to face challenges.