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I started by adding the website script provided by Google to my app, figuring it would work since it's basically a website hosted within a container. The issue? Well, it doesn't work. I get the same result if I just browse to the website on my phone. However, if I go to the website on my computer, the script seems to pick up everything perfectly. I can see all pages I've visited and when, for example.

So using that doesn't really feel like an alternative. Also, I am not interested in comments like "Why don't you use this analytics tool instead", or, "What's your problem with Firebase? Just use it". There are two types of Google Analytics accounts. Web accounts and mobile accounts. Web accounts run off of pageview hits. Mobile accounts run off screenview hits. The SDK is used for tracking mobile applications so it inserts screen views. You cant use the same Google analytics account for tracking with it your going to need a mobile Google analytics account if you want to use the SDK.

You wont of course be able to analyse between the web and mobile accounts. Learn more. Tracking mobile web app with Google Analytics using the website script Ask Question. Asked 1 year, 11 months ago. Active 1 year, 11 months ago. Viewed times. So I guess I have two questions: Why doesn't the script work as expected through the app on my phone, but perfectly when accessing the webiste on my computer from a technical point of view? Does Google perform some sort of blocking regarding the request headers?

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I think this is true for tracking the success of your Facebook Ads or all social media ads campaigns, too. You can see the effect that specific campaigns had on the traffic of your site, and conversions on it; Google Analytics has a whole section devoted to it. Being able to reliably track conversions is a big reason—and being able to choose what touch points you want to assign the most weight is also important.

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Being able to see not only that a Facebook Ad converted, but the entire path that is taking users to those conversions, can help increase your ROI and overall conversions of all types. Being able to track the path of the conversion can lead to a lot more in the future, and give you a good understanding of what your customers are looking for. You can also see what certain audiences are finding relevant on your site, even outside of conversions.

If you run a certain campaign and you track users throughout your site, it can help you identify niches or subniches within your group that you can target more accurately with remarketing or new campaigns in the future with specific, highly targeted messages.

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Being able to see what else your audience is interested in—before and after conversions—can help you promote relevant items, make sure the conversion path is optimized, and see what your biggest hits of content are. Finally, you can get new insight into your audience; while you can get Audience Insights about the audience you have on Facebook, Google Analytics may surprise you when you see who is actually converting outside of your Facebook fan base—it may be different than what you expected. All of this matters a great deal. Facebook also gives credit of the conversion to the first touchpoint users come across—in this case, the ad—even though they could potentially interact with a variety of different pages in the buying process before they convert.

They could, for example, browse a few different products or your About Us before actually purchasing. This is automatically going to have the numbers coming up different.

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By default when you start running Facebook ads that are pointed towards your website, the traffic will be tracked in Google Analytics under the referrer Facebook. However, this traffic is not strictly from the Facebook ads you are running. This also includes visits from people who are clicking through on non-paid posts on your Facebook page. The first step towards being able to track Facebook Ad traffic in Google Analytics is to create a trackable link.

With AdEspresso you only need 2 clicks to create your trackable links to track Facebook Ad traffic in Google Analytics! If you are creating split tests within your campaign on age ranges and locations, you can easily find which age group is spending more time on your website, or which location is providing the most conversions in Google Analytics. However, if you use AdEspresso this will all be done automatically for you! Now all you have to do is sit back and wait to see the data start populating in Google Analytics.

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  5. And there you have it — the two simple steps you need to take to track Facebook ads in Google Analytics! Google Analytics has their own conversion tracking tools, which are extremely easy to set up. The tool I use most frequently for my own business is goal tracking; my goal is to get users to travel through my site, get to my contact page, and contact me to inquire about hiring me. I also created a funnel, which tracks the estimated path a user takes before converting.

    This will tell you what your conversion rate would be from the last 7 days, as seen in the example above. Google Analytics lets you customize your attribution models.

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    In order to access attribution, you either need to set up Goals or Ecommerce tracking. Your options include:. You can also compare data in different models of attribution against each other to get a full view of how your touchpoints are driving sales from Facebook Ads, and the path users are taking to convert. Campaigns that have outbound links will give you this option in Step 2 of the campaign creation. At the beginning of this month, AdEspresso made some great updates, adding more parameters for the UTM tracking. You can insert content like ad placement, gender targeted, account ID, and so much more.

    You have more options than ever before to make it easy to fully track and understand your campaigns through Google Analytics. Do you use Google analytics to track your Ads—Facebook or otherwise? Have you noticed a difference in conversion metrics or click through conversions? Leave us a comment and let us know! Hi, You might want to try the Chrome extension that does all of that and much more — pre configured tag sets, bitly, fetching current URL automatically and more.

    However, Facebook Mobile Ads do not use any URL to redirect traffic to the Google Play page, but instead use package name and class name for native linking. Now how should I track converts to the play store? Hi Gurav, I have never implemented GA tracking for the Google Play Store but these instructions should help you accomplish what you are trying to do:. Thanks a ton Kristina. Hopefully Google will come out with some easy way to track conversions soon. Thanks for the guide!

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    Does this track conversions as well? Do you use a pixel or destination URL? Hi, Are you talking about mobile newsfeed ads? If so the best way to track them would be to create two separate ads, one with mobile placement and one with desktop placement and use different utm for the ads. Yes, I have broken them out. I also have the FB conversion tracking pixel. It seems to be tracking fine in FB reports. I was referring to the tracking data in google analytic.

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    Everything is under reported in GA. I have tried them but the data it displays has some difference between facebook ads analytics and Google analytics.