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The large 6. There's no worry when it comes to the P30 Pro potentially running out of juice, the battery life here is excellent. The P30 Pro not only sets a new standard for Huawei, it sets a new standard for the entire mobile industry. Its cameras are quite simply astonishing, the design is eye-catching and the power plentiful.

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Read more: Huawei P30 Pro review. Release date: November Weight: g Dimensions: The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is a brilliant all-round phone, offering up a heady mix of design, power and performance with a few party pieces thrown in too. It builds on the excellent P20 and P20 Pro offering up even more screen, enhanced triple rear cameras and an in-display fingerprint scanner.

The Mate 20 Pro packs a huge 6. There is a wide notch at the top of the display though. It also boasts three cameras on the rear, nabbing the excellent 40MP wide-angle and 8MP telephoto lenses from the P20 Pro - but the third sensor is new. It's an ultra-wide 16MP snapper allowing you to cram even more of your surroundings into each shot. Read more: Huawei Mate 20 Pro review. Release date: March Weight: g Dimensions: The Huawei P30 has a smaller screen than the P30 Pro, and makes do with just the three rear cameras and a maximum zoom of 30x, but it's still one of the best Huawei phones around.

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With a 6. You can expect to get excellent battery life from the Huawei P30, with the phone often lasting a day and a half on a single charge without issue. While the three cameras on the rear aren't quite as good as the four on the P30 Pro, they still offer up an impressive shooting experience with 5x, 10x and 30x zoom and great low-light abilities. There's heaps of power, a handy headphone jack something the Pro can't boast and a more manageable form factor for one-handed use.

And of course, it's a little cheaper too. Read more: Huawei P30 review. Weight: g Dimensions: x The Huawei P20 Pro may not be Huawei's latest flagship any more, but it still has a lot going for it, with the highlight being its exceedingly impressive and versatile triple-lens rear camera. That camera allows for 3x optical zoom and proves surprisingly adept at night shots, which is usually a setting that phone cameras really struggle with.

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The Huawei P20 Pro also has a striking design, with a metal frame and a glass back, that optionally comes in a gradient color scheme that sees the colors shift from purple at the top to a turquoise shade at the bottom. Read more: Huawei P20 Pro review. Weight: g Dimensions: The Huawei Mate 20 X is a smartphone With a huge display, this Huawei phone is actually closer to a tablet that happens to make calls as well. Despite the size of its display, the tiny bezels mean it's just about manageable as a phone, and there's plenty of power and features packed into its large frame.

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The OLED display is vibrant with decent contrast and excellent for watching videos or working on documents. Gamers will love the zippy performance and extra screen space not obscured by their thumbs. Moreover, the phone can endure pretty much any power-hungry app you throw at it and still comfortably last a day and then some.

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Make sure your plan allows for extra-traffic. Installing a smartphone tracking app is legal only if you do this with consent of all the people who use the gadget. The only exception to this rule is when the person using the gadget is your child.

Study them carefully and be sure to comply with every rule when installing Spy Phone App. Spy Phone App is a very simple app to use. You can install it on any Huawei device simply by downloading the. Please note that Huawei devices have a Protected Apps setting. This feature ensures that third-party applications that run in the background non-stop, like Spy Phone App , can do so without interference.

This is how you do it: 1. Tap Home 2. Tap Settings 3.

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Go to Advanced Settings 4. Select Battery Manager 5.

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Choose Protected Apps 6. Activate Spy Phone App in the list See more detailed instructions on how to activate this Huawei tracker in the next video:. Huawei devices are getting more popular today. That is proven by the fact that this company holds Understanding how to use Spy Phone App on these devices will help you make sure your loved ones are safe. Log in Forgot Password.