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Lenovo was once a rising star of the mobile industry, seemingly with the capabilities and budget to be as successful in the smartphone market as in the laptop game. Nobody thinks that anymore.

During its prime back in , Lenovo held around five percent in global market share figures. That was some way behind leaders Samsung and Apple, but put the company in contention Huawei around seven percent , Xiaomi around five percent , and LG around five percent in the battle for third place. Its total shipments clocked in at just 8. That still only accounts for just over five percent of the U. First, its standing in the Chinese market has deteriorated.

Second, and more noticeable to Western audiences, its been unable to put the Motorola brand to good use.

Failure to capitalize

In China, Lenovo has lost out across the board, ceding ground to local brands pushing into the premium segment previously dominated by Apple. Yes, the Folio foldable concept is rather cool too, but the company needs products on the market that consumers actually want to use. China has quickly moved on from budget-looking low power devices to super mid-tier and premium products.

The market is already showing signs of saturation , so Lenovo may well have missed the boat. However, many of its major product launches have fallen flat, with niche ideas like Moto Mods taking precedence over premium features and high-end designs. The company undoubtedly saw its biggest successes in the budget handset market.

Lenovo Z5 Pro GT - First Smartphone to feature Snapdragon SoC

The Moto G and E series have been particularly popular thanks to their low price points and functional software, but the X and Z ranges have failed to gain anywhere near the same traction. It seems the company is increasingly focused on emerging markets too, which further sidelines its existing mid-tier Western customers.

Thin bezels and better build materials are in now. The company has also constantly been found lacking in the photography sphere, which is a major selling point in Asia and pretty much around the globe. In China, Huawei is quickly taking over the flagship end of the market, with Oppo targeting the super-mid tier, and Vivo catering to the aspirational and most cost-conscious consumers.

There are many more competitors vying for space in this market now. Many boast high-quality build materials and equally competitive specifications, despite similar prices. Worse still was the dubious marketing put out before the unveiling, which touted flagship hardware that turned out to be anything but, insane chatter about potentially 4TB of storage space, and those bezel-less renders. There are certainly questions to be answered as to whether the hype was deliberately misleading to cultivate interest. The Lenovo Z5 has been talked up to no end. When Lenovo purchased Motorola in , many wondered what it would mean for the two brands.

Would one become the premium range and the other more cost effective? Would we see Moto phones in China and Lenovo in the U. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the moderators have all been sent home.

YouTube has announced that it will provide a section on its homepage that offers its users a hug with reliable sources of knowledge and news regarding COVID Reportedly, the feature is available in 16 countries, but the plan is to expand it even more. Smartphone thermometer manufacturer Kinsa decided to offer data gathered from its devices statewide in the form of a map, showing fever symptoms around the US. Lawsuits involving tech giants have never been an uncommon occurrence.

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Amazon is the third company that reduces the quality of its Prime Video streaming service in order to allow Europe to cope with the increased demand for internet data traffic. After Netflix, YouTube is the next major company to lower the quality of its streaming service in an attempt to reduce the strain on the internet following the coronavirus pandemic. Sony hasn't officially committed to any upcoming updates yet, but rumor has it that the next Xperia 1 II update will contain lots of camera enhancements.

Looking for a phone with decent specs and price that's easy on the wallet? The phones on this list are all affordable and have enough features to satisfy most needs. The Apple iPhone 9 launch is reportedly back on. The company has started mass production after initially delaying the smartphone.

Lenovo Z5 Pro GT - First Smartphone with Snapdragon 855- Price, Specs and Release Date

It has done so to take full advantage of the A13 Bionic chipset in marketing campaigns. OnePlus tested a marble OnePlus 7T prototype during the stages of development. It also looked into a cyan-white gradient OnePlus 6 and a denim blue wood variant of the same phone. Apple's first 5G-enabled iPad Pro variants are once again tipped for a release by the end of , but a "full refresh" with groundbreaking Mini LED display technology may not happen until Here For You was originally planned for release in April, but the company is already rolling out the feature.

The incognito mode turns the background black, much like the Chrome feature of the same moniker. Going back to regular mode erases all messages written. Google's mid-range Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL are substantially discounted yet again in advance of the impending Pixel 4a announcement, reaching some crazy low prices at Best Buy with upfront carrier activation.

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What are the best new phones coming in ? We take a look at the phones and the features they will bring to make an exciting year for mobile tech Apart from the occasional smaller-sized phone announced once in a blue moon, the majority of devices being released nowadays are larger than life and definitely don't cater to folks with smaller hands or just those who prefer more pocketable devices.

Best new phones expected in Here's the unreleased Essential Phone 2 and 3. Nokia 8. Best affordable flagships. Updated Siri will screen you for the coronavirus Apple has updated Siri, allowing the virtual assistant to screen users for the coronavirus by asking certain questions. Samsung fans give the ultimate insult to the manufacturer's chipsets A petition on Change.

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Should you upgrade? It's not complicated The Honor 9X Pro is an impressively affordable smartphone aimed at those looking for great hardware without the typically high price tag. Mar 17, , AM, by Victor Hristov. The Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus offer almost all of the features of the pricey Galaxy S20 Ultra at a more bearable price: you get a Hz screen, larger batteries, 5G support and zoom cameras Both the Galaxy S20 and iPhone 11 Pro have very similar features, both have outstanding screens, fantastic cameras, and powerful hardware.

The Galaxy does offer 5G connectivity, which is an instant advantage if you happen to live on the patch of ground that has 5G coverage. You could say that this makes it future-proof, but on the other hand — the iPhone 11 Pro will most definitely be getting more years of software support by Apple.

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Mar 12, , AM, by Nick Todorov. This is an ongoing Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review where I share thoughts and impressions as I use the phone as my daily driver. Here are my thoughts so far after using the Galaxy Z Flip for 5 days. We compare the S20 Ultra and the S10 Plus to see the difference in battery life, camera and more Free online games, courses, live concerts or movie streaming in coronavirus lockdown Locked down at home on coronavirus restrictions or quarantine? Smartphone shipments suffer a record breaking decline Samsung remained the top smartphone manufacturer worldwide in February leading the industry in handset sales and shipments.

Working from home? Don't discuss sensitive information near this device Those forced to work from home during the coronavirus crisis need to be careful about the devices they discuss confidential information around. New phones View all. Nokia 5. Nokia 1. Nokia Apple iPad Pro Apple iPad Pro inch Samsung Galaxy M