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No it is not. You can get software support from FlexiSPY.

Mi A3 Launch - 48MP Android One -Xiaomi India

Hardware support and warranty is provided by our partner. The service ships worldwide, and shipping rates and taxes will be calculated during checkout. For any other shipping questions, please contact our partner using the Live-Chat on this page. Shipping rates and taxes will be calculated during checkout based on the option selected. If there is any problem with the phone, we will work with you to fix it to your satisfaction. Are you looking for a new phone with FlexiSPY already installed?


Read All Reviews. No hassle, No installation — Ready on arrival. A box on the left of the title mentions the number of time the story has been "dugg.

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Once you do so, the number on the yellow number tab increases immediately to accommodate your "digg," or approval. Links that allow the user to read and add comments, blog and e-mail the article are arranged below the story title and introduction.

Xiaomi Mi A3 owners awake to another disappointing update - hukusyuu-mobile.com News

Just so you don't feel lost, there's a search bar, and also a list of categories you can click on-such as "robots," "hardware," "apple," and so on. You don't need to register to read articles, but if you want to do anything more, you have to.

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Let's Start Digging! As a registered user, you can invite others to read your pick of the crop, by clicking on "Submit a New Story".

You submit the URL of the news site from where you chose the story, then the site conducts a search for it. Once your story has been confirmed, you give it a title, submit a brief introduction, and specify the category under which you would like your story listed. The final bit is where the site searches if the same or a similar story has already been submitted, and if it has, the site requests you to not submit your story! The story is then posted to the "Digg Area Queue.

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Promotion, as we've mentioned, is based on the number of diggs it receives. The third link-"Digg Spy"-is interesting. Clicking on this gives you a "real-time view" of the site-all stories on the site get streamed, and you can pause a story if you want to. Besides simultaneously checking out who wrote what, how many diggs a story received and whether it made it to the home page or got "buried" , you can also sort them according to your preference with the help of the little buttons.

In this view, clicking on a story title does not take you to the article link, but to the comments the story has received and the diggers who commented. You can then take a peek at the profile of the digger and also look at the all the articles he has dugg. As a registered member, you have a "Digg" your favorite site on the home page Clicking on a title on "Digg Spy" shows the comments the article received profile via which you can create a circle of friends.

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Links on the home page take you to the top stories and show the top diggers. Why Digg? The news posted on the site, though largely controlled by its readers, is also monitored for content.