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The noise was acceptable and it was possible to take pictures without a tripod. During my time in Stockholm, I took the opportunity to take many night shots and test what the Redmi Note 7 can offer in these conditions. I took these pictures at intervals of a few seconds and without a tripod. I took the same picture with the different color balance configurations offered by the camera. I set the sensitivity to ISO I read everywhere that noise is a real problem for smartphones, but sometimes I really wonder why.

Noise is especially a problem if you want to display the photo on a large screen or if you want to print it. If you want to avoid noise, there is a very simple solution, just lower the ISOs and find a stable support to take the picture. Second example to demonstrate that Redmi Note 7 can take night shots without noise. I used the manual mode to force the camera to take a picture at ISO No noise at all! So yes, the photo is not taken in total darkness but the result is still really good. The difference is very visible and the result is quite good actually. The camera reconstructs a picture from several shots as for HDR and this makes it possible to restore colors that had disappeared due to overexposure.

Before last example. And one last example to end this series The night mode is really very impressive. Redmi Note 7 offers three basic video modes: — normal video in p — accelerated video in p — video slowed down in p. It is also possible to take 4k videos with an application like OpenCam because the basic application does not allow it. Normal video To test the video, I put the Redmi Note 7 to the test by attaching it to my bike. My bike is a racing bike that does not absorb shocks at all, the smartphone is therefor seriously shaken.

When stationary or with limited movement, the video is of good quality but as soon as the vibrations become too important, we see that the stabilization loses control. On the second video, I wanted to reduce the focusing issues by setting the focus on my wheel and it actually worked better despite the vibrations. As soon as the wheel is in the middle, the focus remains stable and the video is much less subject to stabilization issues.

Redmi Note 7 processes the information quite quickly because the ground level scrolling is important, yet we do not lose much in quality.

Accelerated video To test the video in accelerated mode, I filmed the takeoff and landing of my flight to Stockholm. Making a video through a window is not ideal but I just wanted to show what the camera is capable of doing and the result is very interesting.

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Take-off from Brussels in mid-afternoon on a cloudy day. Take-off from Stockholm in early evening in clear weather. Night landing in Brussels. Despite the loss of quality due to the window and the darkness at night, the Redmi is doing rather well, it adapts quickly to changes in brightness and vibrations coming from the aircraft. Slow motion video To test the video in slow motion, I walked down a shopping street in Stockholm.

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The quality of the video is really good and the slow motion really gives the impression that everyone is walking slowly. Xiaomi offers this kind of basic functionality without any application to install. The colors are bright and well saturated, the brightness is very good and sometimes even too strong to the point that black does turn to dark grey.

The pixel density allows for a very sharp image and one of the best screens in this price range. To test the GPS I measured my position during a train ride.


The goal was to see if the GPS would keep me on track and if the orientation would go in the right direction. The choice of train is not innocent because GPS applications tend to follow roads well and we do not see the deviations of GPS. With the train, you move away from the roads and the GPS can no longer lock onto a road. I was positively surprised by the result because not only does the GPS position follow the rails well, but the orientation of the phone is perfectly followed.

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I did the same kind of test on the street where I walked in the same direction without changing sidewalk, we see some inaccuracies in positioning but overall the GPS quickly follows the position and understands the direction well. On the Umidigi I had tested earlier this year, I was sometimes in the buildings and there was a significant time lag.

If you have already used a Xiaomi, you will not be disoriented. If this is your first experience with this brand, the adaptation time will be very short because the interface is very well designed and offers features not available in a basic version of Android. The race to obtain a larger screen area has an unexpected consequence here in the navigation by gesture on MIUI.

The lower edge of the screen is slightly thinner than Note 5 and I regularly miss the passage on this band to access active applications, this forces me to be much more attentive whereas with previous models, I could do it with my eyes closed. Wifi performance Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro : 5. If you have read the entire test, you will probably have understood that the Redmi Note 7 is an excellent smartphone, it lacks nothing and what it does it does it well.

The Redmi Note 7 reuses many of the components of the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite and offer some important improvements, especially for photography and video. The 48 Mio of pixels announced is only smoke and mirrors because it can only be used in manual mode. On the performance side, the phone is very comfortable with everything you ask it to do, there is really only for hard core gamers that this could be a problem. My use is very particular because I use my phone as a modem connected to my laptop, so speed is an important criterion.

If you live in an area of low 4G coverage, this Redmi Note 7 may not be the best device because its signal performance is average. Strengths — camera even at night — performances — gps — display — good battery performance. Low points — signal and network performance — absence of frequency B Commentaire Missing message Incorrect message.

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Xiaomi Mi A3 Review

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Xiaomi Mi A3

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