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Keep in mind everything turns to black and white, so you'll miss out on any vibrant photos or images.

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Once you quit the app, your screen will switch back to color. In a similar vein, Night Mode tints your display yellow to make it more comfortable to view your phone in the dark and reduce eye strain.

Night Mode, which is available on Android phones and iPhones, is also meant to help you fall asleep blue light is said to keep you awake longer. Previous OnePlus phones already had this, but now you can schedule it to automatically turn on and off at certain times. To start, go to Settings.

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Then Display. Tap Night Mode. From there, choose what time you want it to start. I start turning in around 11PM and wake up at around 7AM. Once you're done setting this up, Night Mode will automatically begin and shut off at those given intervals. If notifications put a real cramp on your gaming, you can temporarily suspend notifications so you won't be interrupted. Next, add the games you want to work with this feature. Now, you won't get distracted by pesky notifications that pop up.

And when you're done, you can check what you missed in the Notifications menu. Don't worry, emergency calls and alarms will still go through. Expanded screenshots allow you to capture more of the screen than you can see on the display. To start, take a screenshot as usual by pressing the power button and the volume-down button at the same time.

Then tap the rectangle icon that appears on the bottom of the screen. The phone will automatically start scrolling, taking screenshots and stitching them together. To say the back of the OnePlus 5 looks like an iPhone 7 Plus would be an understatement.

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But OnePlus has used the same technique for hiding the antenna strips, moving the plastic inlays to almost the edge of the top and bottom, as was introduced with the iPhone 6 in It also has a dual camera on the back placed horizontally in the top left corner with a LED flash to its right, which Apple did in with the iPhone 7 Plus.

The OnePlus 5 is slightly shorter and narrower than the iPhone 7 Plus, but about the same thickness. For a well machined device, there were also some unusually sharp edges around the camera lump a small raised bezel holding the lens glass , the edge of the USB-C port nearest the back of the phone and the backside of the volume button.

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These are small nitpicks but were obvious when the rest of the device feels so smooth. The OnePlus 5 has the same or better specifications as most of the current top-of-the-line smartphones available. It has either 6 or 8GB of RAM, which is frankly overkill, and has either 64 or GB of storage, which should be plenty of space for almost everyone.

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In gaming and when using demanding apps it performs as well or better than the competition. In fact, OnePlus has gone to great lengths to try and provide the smoothest, most consistently high-performing Android experience possible, and it really shows. Using the OnePlus 5 as my primary device, browsing and using apps for three hours with hundreds of push emails, 60 minutes of gaming, and listening to around five hours of music via Bluetooth earbuds, it lasted just over 28 hours between charges with no power-saving modes activated, which is very good.

A full charge takes around an hour, but it still takes about that when the phone is actively being used, including as a GPS device in a car with a 12v Dash Charge adapter, which is the most impressive bit.

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The downside of Dash Charge is that you need special chargers and cables to make use of it, but the OnePlus 5 charges at a normal rate using any other USB charger. The OnePlus 5 is the second smartphone this year to ship with the latest version of Bluetooth 5. I also found Bluetooth performance was better than almost any other smartphone for using truly wireless earbuds, matching the Galaxy S8 in maintaining a consistent, interruption-free connection.

OnePlus loads its devices with a custom version of Android 7. Such changes include gesture support for launching apps and performing actions by drawing on the screen, the excellent alert slider that sets different sound and do not disturb modes, and a new reading mode that makes reading books and other texts easier on the eyes.

Overall Oxygen OS is a slightly refined version of the standard Android look, avoiding bloat and generally adding to the experience. The big question is whether OnePlus will keep up with Android version and security updates, which the company has a hit-and-miss track record over with its previous devices. They produce pretty, colour-accurate shots, but I found photos could be a little washed out in bright sunshine and they fall down a little on fine detail compared to the best smartphone cameras available, such as the Google Pixel and HTC U The rear camera also has the obligatory portrait mode, which blows out the background using depth-sensing software and works as well as the best of the competition, but still struggles with mistakenly blurring the edges of rounded objects and fine details like hair.

The megapixel selfie camera is one of the best I have used, capturing a lot of fine detail and offering beautification modes to smooth skin to your liking.