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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Be the first to review this product. Features the 2. Installs Flyme 7 OS base on Android O kernel operating system, allows you to stay connected and productive on the go. Meizu X8 packs a 6.

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The notch is a wide one and houses the selfie shooter, ear piec, a breathing light, infrared transmitter and signal receiver. Despite the notch design, the device still comes with an That is as a result of the obvious amount of bezels on all four sides. Lets you preserve special moments in striking clarity, allows you to shoot crisp, detailed images with Sony IMX The 20MP front-facing camera with smart blur and ArcSoft AI smart beauty algorithm which brings vivid clarity to selfies.

Lets you surf the Web, access social networks, download apps and stream media.

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Provides Internet capability while in range of a Wi-Fi signal. Mobile hotspot capability lets extend wireless connectivity to compatible devices. Helps you locate unfamiliar destinations. Total delivery time includes processing time and shipping time, tracking number will be provided.

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We declare the package at low price to help you avoid importing customs tax. For South America, east Europe countries, east-south Asia, it may take 12 to 30 working days. On the other hand, smaller pixels allow for increasing the resolution while preserving the same sensor size. The ISO rating or number is an indicator of how sensitive a camera's image sensor is to light.

Image sensors operate within a specific ISO range. The higher the ISO rating is, the more sensitive to light the sensor is.

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The aperture f-stop number indicates the size of the lens diaphragm opening, which controls the amount of light reaching the image sensor. The lower the f-stop number, the larger the diaphragm opening is, hence, the more light reaches the sensor. Usually, the f-stop number specified is the one that corresponds to the maximum possible diaphragm opening. Focal length is the distance in millimeters from the focal point of the image sensor to the optical center of the lens. The 35 mm equivalent indicates the focal length at which a full-frame camera will achieve an angle of view that's the same as the one of the camera of the mobile device.

It is measured by multiplying the native focal length of the camera by the crop factor of the sensor. The crop factor itself can be determined as the ratio between the diagonal distances of the image sensor in the 35 mm camera and a given sensor. The rear cameras of mobile devices use mainly a LED flash. It may arrive in a single, dual- or multi-light setup and in different arrangements.

One of the main characteristics of the cameras is their image resolution. It states the number of pixels on the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the image, which can also be shown in megapixels that indicate the approximate number of pixels in millions.

Information about the maximum number of frames per second fps supported by the rear camera while recording video at the maximum resolution. Some of the main standard frame rates for recording and playing video are 24 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps, 60 fps. Information about additional software and hardware features of the rear camera which improve its overall performance. Information about the number of pixels on the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the photos taken by the front camera, indicated in megapixels as well. Digital cameras are able to shoot videos at different frames per second fps.

Information about the maximum possible fps for shooting videos at the maximum possible resolution. Information about additional software and hardware features of the front camera which improve its overall performance. The loudspeaker is a device, which reproduces various sounds such as ring tones, alarms, music, voice calls, etc. Information about the type of speakers the device uses. Some devices have the possibility to serve as Wi-Fi Hotspots by providing internet access for other nearby devices.

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The technology has several versions, which improve the connection speed, range, connectivity and discoverability of the devices. Information about the Bluetooth version of the device. Bluetooth uses various profiles and protocols related to faster exchange of data, energy saving, better device discoverability, etc. Some of those supported by the device are listed here. Type of the USB connector used by the device. With each following version the rate of data transfer is increased. Information about some of the most widely used connectivity technologies supported by the device. List of some of the most common audio file formats and codecs supported standardly by the device.

List of some of the most common video file formats and codecs supported standardly by the device. The capacity of a battery shows the maximum charge, which it can store, measured in mili-Ampere hours. The battery type is determined by its structure and more specifically, by the chemicals used in it. There are different battery types and some of the most commonly used in mobile devices are the lithium-ion Li-Ion and the lithium-ion polymer battery Li-Polymer. Information about the electric current amperes and voltage volts the charger outputs.

The higher power output allows faster charging. Dimensions : Brand Brand name of the company that manufactures the device. Meizu Model Model name of the device. MQ Width Information about the width, i. Black White Blue Body materials Materials used in the fabrication of the device's body. Dual SIM stand-by Both cards are active. FlyMe Android 8. Suggest an edit.

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